Unsafe behaviour leads to dangerous situations and continues to cause the majority of accidents. It is something we are conscious of in every moment at work –after all, a single second or one wrong move can make all the difference. Our aim is to have ZERO ACCIDENTS, ZERO injuries, ZERO health hazards, ZERO dangerous situations, ZERO environmental or material damage, and good housekeeping at all times. We can only achieve these aims if we implement professional workflows and systems correctly and behave correctly.

'We' being our colleagues, but also our customers, our partner companies and ourselves. We would like to prevent any employees of WWV Wärmeverwertung from ever having to say the following: "If only I had said something in time. If only I had found the right words at the right moment, then it would not have happened ..." That´s why the safety of our workplace begins with us in our helmeted heads, with our eyes behind their protective goggles, with our ears covered by ear defenders, with our mouths covered by dust masks, with our hands in protective gloves, and with our feet in safety boots.

We distinguish between incorrect behaviour that is done deliberately and that which is done unknowingly. Both can be avoided if you have a "dialogue with safety". With regard to safe conduct day-to-day at WWV, supervisors and staff set good examples and act appropriately by observing, intervening, communicating, encouraging, but also by sanctioning. We counter incorrect behaviour that is done unknowingly by exchanging experiences, instructing, explaining, demonstrating, practising and training.   

Our safety culture is, of course, embedded firmly in professional structures, processes and systems. We are trailblazers in this respect – WWV Wärmeverwertung was the first company in Germany to gain SCC** certification, and has been SCC-P certified since 2012. Ensuring work complies with DIN ISO-9001 and DIN ISO-14001 goes without saying for us.